24-Hour Food Photo Diary Challenge - Mansfield Nutrition

24-Hour Food Photo Diary Challenge

Start snapping your way to health. If you have been worried about whether your eating habits are doing you more harm than good, why don't you let a qualified Nutritionist look at photos of the food and drink you consume over a 24 hour period - we like to call this a 24-hour recall in the business. I can observe your eating (and drinking) habits, as well as assess your portion sizes and get back to you with realistic tips and advice.

How Does it Work?

Step 1 (you) - Purchase 24-Hour Food Photo Diary

Step 2 (me) - Within 24-hours I will email you a mobile number to send your images to.

Step 3 (you) - Text me EVERYTHING you eat and drink on real time over a 24-hour period. 

Step 4 (me) - I will email you my professional analysis and recommendations within 7-days. 

Note: 100% Confidential