5 foods Nutritionist's have in their lunchbox


Vegetable sticks – Every colour of the rainbow, from classic to unique, some of our favourites being capsicum, carrot, cucumber, celery, cauliflower or broccoli florets & radishes.

Chickpea falafels – Yummy legume balls rich in plant-based proteins that taste delicious by itself or dipped in a simple natural yoghurt and cucumber dip.

Pot of yoghurt – I could eat yoghurt all day, it has a calming effect that is even more awesome because it is full of calcium to strengthen bones and protein to tone muscles. Chuck some raw almonds in, to really fill you up and add more protein.

Boiled egg – A nutrient powerhouse snack, munch the yolk for your choline fix that will make sure your brain stays firing fro the day ahead!  

Almonds – Chuck them into your morning yoghurt, blend into a smoothie or just plain old straight into your gob! Full of healthy fats, help lower cholesterol & nourish the nervous system.

Big love.


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