rosie mansfield

Hey, I'm Rosie Mansfield.

Professional Nutritionist and founder of the World's first gentle nutrition challenge One Change a Week©.

I understand losing your health, because I once lost mine. I became a nutritionist, because at 14-years old a nutritionist healed ME. I couldn't believe people helped strangers like this for a living, so to say my own ambition and destiny was set would be an understatement!

The years rolled by and some more 'aha' moments rolled with them. From a very young age I have suffered terribly from generalised anxiety and panic attacks for no apparent reason, so after LOTS of resistance I began meditating in the middle of my 20's and to my amazement I found out my lightening fast brain actually enjoyed a slower pace much more than I thought it would. A new gentler approach to life presented itself (with a lot less anxiety in tow) which I can't help but share within my body of health work. 

Then if you think it couldn't get any better, BANG, I discover 'The Blue Zones'. In a nutshell these are regions of the world where the communities lifestyle choices are making them live measurably longer lives. My light bulb moment? Living a long and happy life is SO much bigger than just good nutrition and it's this holistic approach that I now teach.

rosie mansfield

I'm coming up to working almost a decade in the nutrition industry and I must admit it has become VERY noisy. So how do you become the loudest expert voice in the room? Well you go on television of course! I am also a television presenter, rising to fame as ‘Good Chef’ on popular CH10 show Good Chef Bad Chef.

A couple of years ago I decided to combine all my learned knowledge and lessons to launch One Change a Week© a one year gentle nutrition challenge. My academy of 'Change-Makers' spend one year with a nutritionist (that's, me) and receive just one manageable change in their email inbox on a Monday morning for the week ahead. It's a non-intimidating way to learn how to fuel your hard-working body a little better than yesterday, simply one change at a time, I like to call it 'gentle nutrition'. Find out more

Surely, I'm not all about work? No way, I'm a dedicated 'Blue Zoner' remember.  Most of my down time is spent on a bicycle, in the sea, practicing Vedic meditation or hunting down true Neapolitan pizzas :)

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Love, Rosie

rosie mansfield 

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