Ever felt that crave to simply be barefoot? Well your body could be trying to tell you something. If you have seen me around Manly lately you may have noticed the absence of my shoes, as I have started doing at least 30 minutes of earthing (aka grounding) a day and here is why I think you should too...

Earthing is quite simply barefoot walking on grass, sand, soil or rock to conduct the earth's natural energy. Lost you? Bare (foot) with me okay ;)

Scientists have proven that the earth has a mild negative charge. They have also proven that over our life on earth humans build up more of a positive charge which can lead to illness. So if our skin can have direct contact with the earth's natural surface we can attempt to get back to neutral - sounds quite simple really!

So let's break the chemistry down further. Humans are made up of electrons and so is the earth, so when we connect the two with nothing in between the free electrons can move between us. The awesome thing about this is the earth's free electrons can act as antioxidants when connecting with the soles of our feet. Antioxidants neutralise free radicals caused by things like bad diets, stress and pollutants; meaning we can actively do something to help prevent potential inflammation and disease. Cool huh? 

As our towns and cities build themselves up with organic evolution you will notice it's becoming harder to find a spot of real 'earth'. Illness is also on the rise, so could this possibly have something (albeit small) to do with it? I will let you personally mull over that one. 

Not living by the beach like me is no excuse, there are parks all over the place in urban areas or muddy tracks in the countryside. The greatest thing I have personally found about earthing is I can usually turn it into a multitasking activity, where I also pick up stray plastic and practice mindfulness with every step.

So just like the sun gives us vitamin D, the earth under our feet can be used for health too. Don't forget it also gives us food and water, it's pretty much our other mother, so let's love her back!

Chuck them shoes off and run free my pretty!

Big love.





  • Rosie

    Thaks Dee. Get those barefeet on the beach first thing tomorrow ;)

  • Dee

    I love this vitamin earth blog, it makes me want to go to the beach right now & do some earthing, but it’s past my bedtime…will start tomorrow tho 😁 Thanks Rosie

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