When our environment changes naturally so does our produce. It's a beautiful thing to learn how to adapt recipes to include ingredients natural to the season. Here are some reasons to eat your way through the seasons.


You know when you come home from a holiday and everyone says 'you look radiant'. Well same for fruit and vegetables, when they are in their element, they thrive into fresher, riper, plumper versions of themselves. Prime for picking!


You may have noticed the price of avocados has gone down, albeit in the supermarkets and not in the coffee shops! The reason for this is it is purely 'in season' meaning the price lowers due to its abundance. It's amazing the link many people have not made to cost and season. Next time you are in a supermarket, go browse the fruit and vegetable aisles and take bets at what is in season due to price - simple. 


When your fresh food has more frequent flyer points then you do then you know it probably shouldn't be going in your mouth. Just like we can catch some nasties on a plane, so can our food. Stay close to home when it comes to natural fresh produce. 

Never be lost as to what to eat through the Australian seasons by signing up for my seasonal meal plan subscription shop now. Autumn has creeped its way in, so make sure you know which fruit and vegetables to pick by downloading my Autumn meal plan download now

Big love.



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