5 Easy Ways to Break an Unhealthy Eating Pattern


Start a food diary 

Pretty much the most affordable, simple and effective habit changing aid. Observe your eating (and drinking) patterns to begin the groundwork to positive change. I like to do one once a month to simply stay on track. Download a free food diary here

Watch the clock

Time to find your weak hour. Maybe it’s mid-afternoon or very commonly an after dinner sugar fix. Whatever the craving, get smart and distract yourself in your wobbly moment. Make it your time to go for a walk, join an evening sports team or simply grab your partner and get hot and heavy! Keeping your meals at routine times also helps to notice any little snack slip-ups and keep that blood sugar nice and flatline.

Don’t pre-purchase treats

I don’t know about you, but self-control is not a quality I have ever possessed. It’s quite simple if you crave it, go out and buy it. When the Cadburys are staring at us, (yes, they stare through cupboards) most of the time we just don’t have the strength to say no. Now a little of what we crave is part of a good healthy life, but moderation in all things is key, just don’t make it harder for yourself!


Tell trusted people what you are trying to cut down on, think of them as accountability anchors. Yes this makes you vulnerable, but perhaps that is the motivation you need to not fail on a goal that is passionate to you by being held accountable. Alternatively, write the goal e.g. no biscuits for 1 month and stick on the fridge or inside 'the cupboard of indulgence'.


Sounds a bit of a funny one, but there is a reason they say eat when you are calm. When we are in a relaxed state we are much less impulsive, making it a lot easier to make decisions for ourselves that we won’t later regret.

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