good chef bad chef

Tune in on Monday 29th January!

I will be making my debut as the 'Good Chef' alongside Adrian Richardson ‘Bad Chef’ at 4pm weekdays on Channel 10's popular show Good Chef Bad Chef. I will be cooking 100% vegetarian recipes, showing some innovatove food hacks and learning ALOT about meat with the best man for the job!

Missed it? You can tune in every day by watching it on repeat via Tenplay watch here. Make sure you stay in the loop by following me behind the scenes on facebook and instagram

Big love.



  • Colin

    Loving all the vego recipes this year. As a cheese loving vego since 1972 I enjoy comparing, learning and trying vego alternatives to everything. Especially the use of vegetarian sausages! They have really come a long way in the last 40 years or so! Good onya Rosie!

  • Sharyne Pisani

    Zucchini and walnut bread, is it plain or Sr whole meal flour?

  • Barbara Weinert

    You made a dressing with milk and oil (no egg) Feb 2018 Good Chef Bad Chef, I can’t find it, could I have it please.My husband and I watch the show and have very much enjoyed seeing you .Good luck to you on the show,we are looking forward to many more afternoons of your company.

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