It's January and I laaav it. I get to reflect on 12-months of hard work, pat myself on the back and then work out which areas of my life need my energy next. I wanted to take a moment to welcome and introduce a handful of the projects I will be working on in 2018 with my new found energy back from a delightful soul vacation in Byron Bay – check out my holiday snaps on instagram (no rudies, I promise)! 

Good Chef Bad Chef

It's back! On Monday January 29th I will be making my debut as the 'Good Chef' alongside Adrian Richardson ‘Bad Chef’ at 4pm weekdays on Channel 10's popular show Good Chef Bad Chef. We made one hoot of a season, so cant wait for you to tune in. Missed it? 
Watch on Tenplay

Food Hacker Cookbook

On July 2nd my debut book will be hitting the Australian shelves. Last year I was honoured to be asked to join the Penguin Random House family of authors, I am still stunned by the sheer beauty of its pages and I can’t wait to introduce my unique philosophy on nutrition to a much wider audience. Preorder now

Seasonal Meal Plans 

My Summer meal plan is the first of my new collection of seasonal meal plans packed with meal ideas, habit coaching & a food diary for you to fill in post plan. It’s an easy way for me to educate you four times a year on the foods that will serve you best based on the season. Oh and it's only $10! download now

Honesty Box Blog

I have been meaning to write a heart-centred honest blog for a long time. As I mature through the media I want to make sure not only my unique take on food has a voice, but also a trusted tongue is chatting openly about our united ponderings and experiences we have whilst navigating our way through the ups and downs of life! read more

Big love.




  • Patricia Morgan

    I’ve just discovered you on GCBC. Love your meals.
    For some time now I have been loosing my desire to eat meat. Now I take a bite and just cant get it down. The meal gets thrown in bin. My problem is what to replace meat with?
    I’m 74 years. I have a slight heart condition and high blood pressure.
    Other that that I’m active and travel in my campervan so meals need to be simple.
    What is better than no meat?
    Thank you.

  • Narelle

    Hi Rosie, I’ve recently been looking after my 96yr old Dad in his home & we enjoy watching GCBC each afternoon. We especially like all the nutritious meals you cook & my Dad always comments on how healthy you look. Thanks for sharing & I look forward to cooking some great meals from your new Cookbook. Cheers

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