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“Health and wellbeing, and nutrition more specifically, is a minefield these days. So many so-called 'experts' proffer so much 'advice' so regularly, it’s hard to know who to listen to and who to believe. But thankfully, Rosie Mansfield exists. Rosie presents evidence-based information in an easy to understand and entertaining way. What she says can be trusted and how she says it is fun.”

– Dr Happy, Psychologist 

rosie mansfield

"I’m REALLY enjoying this week 1 ☺️ It’s honestly SUCH a good idea this challenge so, thank you."

- Sarah S

rosie mansfield

"Nice one. I like the small manageable changes over time approach, and the long term sustainable behaviour change approach (which is deeply rooted in science not fad diets)."

- Michelle L

rosie mansfield

“Rosie, I can't thank you enough for providing us with your nutritional advice. We have been through a particularly tough patch, so having a really simple checklist to regain traction in our health and wellbeing, is frankly a huge relief. I going shopping tomorrow to stock up as you have suggested, and feel confident that we have the information we need now, to get going in life again! You are as lovely and uplifting, as you are on television :) Thank you.”rosie mansfield

 - Kerrie S

rosie mansfield

 “Having had reflux for a long time I followed Rosie’s alkaline diet plan and within days was feeling so much better. She gave really sound advice throughout and was incredibly supportive and helpful when I struggled. I would highly recommend her. Thank you Rosie, you have changed my life!”

- Caroline P

rosie mansfield

“A great website, very easy to navigate. Heaps of helpful nutrition information including a great food diary that has helped me to identify food intolerance issues in my diet.”

 - Sarah A

“Rosie gave me great advice on general diet as was feeling lack luster. I found following her nutrition advice, I felt more I had more energy and generally felt better. Plus found that I really enjoyed using different food substitutes and planning my weeks eating. Thanks Rosie.”

 - Keith P

"Weight loss achieved and now I am happily bouncing around in weight 55.3 to 56.6 kgs. Been here 3 weeks. Feel great. Body shape is changing as I continue to loose fatty deposits and am building up muscle"

 - Michelle C

"Working with Rosie has been amazing! Her approach to food and nutrition is fresh and unique. She put a lot of time and care into creating a program that met all my specific needs then worked side by side with me to help me reach my goals. Her skype sessions are super convenient, making working with her such a breeze and her genuine passion made the whole experience truly fantastic! I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to live a happier and healthier life."

 - Lisa H

"Rosie was such an amazing find! Slotting into my busy schedule with ease. Getting access to practitioner supplements, such as Bioceuticals, with Rosie's guidance has been awesome!"

 - Holly E

"Rosie’s visit was extremely well received by our girls.  Her enthusiasm, energy and ability to connect with her audience resulted in a memorable keynote presentation, which provided the girls with a range of relevant tips and nutritional advice.  Rosie’s flexible skill-set also saw her running cooking demonstrations in our kitchens and providing industry advice to our senior Business Studies students."

 - Head of Department, St Peters Girls School

"Love Rosie's approach to fresh & health cooking. I look forward to trying more of her recipes."

 - Robert C