A nutritionists opinion on 'Bulletproof Coffee'

bulletproof coffee

When the Paleo diet trend peaked in 2016 the community brought this new age breakfast ritual into the limelight, but now you can catch early morning Tradies swigging the concoction to improve energy as it raises ketones (a substance made when the body breaks down fat for energy) levels in the blood that the brain can use. You may also catch the weight-loss warriors having a guzzle hoping to stay full till lunchtime, as the added fat should help with suppressing one's appetite.

So what is it exactly? Broken down, it is a cup of black coffee mixed with grass-fed unsalted butter and MCT oil. Advocates recommend it to be consumed in the morning instead of breakfast. However, what goes up, must come down - and there is a down.

Firstly, replacing breakfast with this beverage is a sure fire way to lower the amount of essential nutrients you could be potentially consuming by a nutritious balanced breakfast. Saturated fat has been proven to no longer be the once branded Devil, but it must be consumed in moderation and I believe this morning ritual to be pushing our limits a little further than I feel comfortable recommending.

Lastly, there are currently no studies on Bulletproof Coffee, so my advice to you is if you have high cholesterol please choose to not consume this beverage and to the rest of you, just make it a monthly event, not a daily one.

Listen to your body.


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