If they didn't work we would have stopped using them years ago!

Nutritionists frequently utilize meal planning to assist with addressing dietary changes that will benefit and optimize a client’s health - it also feels awesome for us to know you have 'information stabilisers' when you leave our clinics and begin smashing your health goal.

What is a Meal Plan? 

Tried and tested food combinations to create meals that will maintain/boost your general health, treat a specific condition or assist a nutrition goal.

meal plan sample

Benefits of using a meal plan?

A meal plan’s basic goal is to ensure optimal daily nutrition needs are met and provide some structure that meals are eaten at the correct times for maximising a client's health. Dependant on your goal that will specifically include foods that are required, and exclude foods that aren’t optimal. Educating by ‘doing’ is proven to alter daily eating patterns that will lead to long-term sustainable changes to your lifestyle. Last but not least, meal planning is intended to give you more time to do the things you love!

Are meal plans one size fits all? 

Sometimes. If you don't have a particular health issue a general guide to healthy eating can work wonders for almost anyone. I know you are real people, so I go to great lengths to design meal plans with recipes that are easy to follow and ingredients that are known to us all. Example seasonal meal plans 

Should I get a personalised meal plan?

If you have a specific health issue, yes. I know that no two people are alike, that’s why I often design meal plans with individual needs in mind. Meal plans can be developed by Nutritionists to address a specific goal e.g. weight loss and you can begin achieving your health goal safely. Book a consult  

What's my favourite meal plan? 

I'm obsessed with eating Seasonally at the moment, so I would have to say my Seasonal meal plans. It's Autumn in Australia, so let's go with this delicious meal plan. Read more

My goal as a health practitioner is to educate you by example and help make it easy for you to make changes to your daily routine that will mean long-term changes to your lifestyle. Replacing old unhealthy habits that no longer serve you with new healthier ones. 

Big love.


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