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Who is rosie mansfield

Rosie Mansfield is a true darling of the nutrition industry and one of TV’s brightest rising stars. 

An accredited and practicing nutritionist for almost a decade. 

What makes her different in this booming industry? She is real. 

Celebrity nutritionist Rosie Mansfield believes everyone should have access to a nutritionist.

Proven by founding the innovate gentle nutrition challenge One Change a Week. 

Rosie Mansfield has designed a nutrition program for people who hate nutrition programs.

Rosie Mansfield believes we are all playing the short game, we need to get back to long game nutrition and through gentle non-intimidating changes is exactly how we do that sustainably. 

Rosie understands ill health, because she has endured it first-hand. 

She became a nutritionist because a nutritionist healed her at 14 years old. 

The medical system had failed her and she had no choice to venture into the unknown territory of 'complementary therapy'. 

In doing so she stumbled upon a local nutritionist and I started to feel better within three weeks and my destiny was set. 

Rosie Mansfield was also a passionate personal trainer for many years, specialising in weight-loss, but turned her head to focus on solely nutrition by studying in 2011. 

She now splits her time between the UK and Australia, residing in her adopted home on the Northern Beaches. 

He is also a talented television presenter, rising to fame as ‘Good Chef’ on Good Chef Bad Chef

Renowned for making nutrition simple to understand and fun. 

She is not all work though, most of her down time is spent in the ocean, practicing Vedic meditation or hunting true Neapolitan pizzas. 

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