good chef bad chef

Tune in on Monday 29th January!

I will be making my debut as the 'Good Chef' alongside Adrian Richardson ‘Bad Chef’ at 4pm weekdays on Channel 10's popular show Good Chef Bad Chef. I will be cooking 100% vegetarian recipes, showing some innovatove food hacks and learning ALOT about meat with the best man for the job!

Missed it? You can tune in every day by watching it on repeat via Tenplay watch here. Make sure you stay in the loop by following me behind the scenes on facebook and instagram

Big love.



  • Vicki Conroy

    Can I buy Recipe Book

  • judy wallace

    Please Rosie, what is that ‘pastry’ you used on a dish like a pie crust? It looked like vermicelli spaghetti and I couldn’t tell whether it came out of the freezer. You spread it out sort of flat, sprinkled cumin and olive oil on it and then gently rolled little balls to go on the top of the dish.
    What is it and where can I get it?
    Thanks and I do enjoy how entertaining you and Adrian make the show.

  • Marjorie

    Hi Rosie. I have only started eating vegetarian over the last 2 months although i still eat a little seafood and free range chicken , i would love to know whats on your shopping list esp for seeds , grains and cheeses also if you go to specialty shops for produce . I grow alot of herbs and fruit and try to buy organic when i can . Love watching good chef bad chef and find your recipes the most interesting ones that have ever been on the show and are easy to follow……..Kind regards Marjorie

  • Denise Fredrickson

    Hi Rosie it’s lovely having you on good chef bad chef love both of you ! Would it be possible to get your recipe you had on the show today the 16-4-19 for your mums veggie sausages on parsnip mash . I have search the web can’t find it and was not quick enough with the pen and paper ! Thanks for your time and happy easter lovie
    Kind regards Denise

  • johnson
    I love the show . I like the food. Can you make desserts instead.

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